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A grizzly eating grass

Meet the Raincoast team

Raincoast has a diverse team of scientists, conservationists, and volunteers who are dedicated to advancing science and protecting the wilderness landscape and inhabitants of the British Columbia coastline.

Chris Genovali

Chris Genovali outside of the Raincoast office in Sidney, BC, on WSANEC land.
Executive Director

Misty MacDuffee

Profile photo of Misty MacDuffee from out in the field.
Biologist & Program Director  Wild Salmon Program

Chris Darimont

Chris Darimont on the coast.
Science Director
Chair-Raincoast Lab

Paul Paquet

Paul Paquet, scientist, in his toque, on the bow of Achiever, smiling big time.
Senior Scientist
Carnivore Specialist

Kate Field

Kate Field, research, applied conservation science at the University of Victoria.
PhD Student
Raincoast Lab

 Brian Falconer

Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator

Guide Outfitter Coordinator

Nick Sinclair

Nicholas Sinclair stands at the ready on the Achiever.

Marine Operations Coordinator
Achiever Captain

Megan Adams

Megan Adams, applied conservation science lab, UVic, out on the Salish Sea, in a black toque.
Research Associate

Christina Service

Christina Service, with the Applied Conservation Science Lab at UVic.
Raincoast Lab

Nathaniel Glickman

Nathaniel Glickman on WSANEC territory at the Raincoast office.

Education & Outreach Associate

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Kristen Walters

Kristen Walters working with a net in the stream bed.
Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program Coordinator

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Maureen Vo

Maureen Vo stands on the bow of a small sailing vessel in the coastal waters of British Columbia.
Education and Development Coordinator

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Kyle Artelle

Kyle smiles widely, while standing in the rain in the west coast forest.
Raincoast Lab

Lauren Eckert

Lauren Eckert, Raincoast Research Fellow
Research fellow
Raincoast Lab

Alex Harris

Alex Harris, photographer, with a toque on .
Communications Associate

Shauna Doll

Shauna Doll smiles in the Geography department foyer at the University of Victoria.

Research Analyst

Adrianne Jarvela Rosenberger

Adrianne Jarvela Rosenberger on the beach with her child.

Marine Biologist
Donor Relations

Lauren Henson

Lauren Henson, at the Raincoast Applied Conservation Lab at UVic.

Research Fellow
Raincoast Lab
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David Scott

A squinting David Scott explains about the Fraser River
Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator

Riley Finn

Riley Finn, research associate
Research Associate

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Heather Bryan

Heather Bryan in the forest, smiling.

Research Scientist
Rainforest Wolf Project

Ross Dixon

Ross Dixon at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria Canada.

Communications and Development Director

Faisal Moola

Wildlife Scientist
University of Guelph

Bryant Deroy

Raincoast Fellow
Raincoast Lab

Fred Gregory

Fred Gregory wearing sunglasses, looking out over the ocean from a sailboat.
Special Projects Coordinator

Sherwin Arnott

Sherwin Arnott smiles with his glasses on.
Web & Communications Associate

Andrew Bateman

Postdoctoral fellow
Raincoast Lab

April Bencze

Visual Storyteller

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