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A grizzly eating grass

Meet the Raincoast team

Raincoast has a diverse team of scientists, conservationists, and volunteers who are dedicated to advancing science and protecting the wilderness landscape and inhabitants of the British Columbia coastline.

Paul Paquet

Paul Paquet, scientist, in his toque, on the bow of Achiever, smiling big time.
Senior Scientist
Carnivore Specialist

Lauren Eckert

Lauren Eckert, Raincoast Research Fellow
Research fellow
Raincoast Lab

Faisal Moola

Dr. Faisal Moola. Associate Professor and author, Guelph.

Wildlife Scientist
University of Guelph

Lauren Henson

Lauren Henson, at the Raincoast Applied Conservation Lab at UVic.

Research Fellow
Raincoast Lab
More about Lauren

Andrew Bateman

Andrew Bateman with toque and life jacket.
Postdoctoral fellow
Raincoast Lab

Bryant DeRoy

Raincoast Fellow
Raincoast Lab