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Aerial view of the Barrowtown pump station.

A former lake re-emerges: A backgrounder

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The catastrophic floods of late 2021 in southern British Columbia (Canada) and neighbouring Washington State (USA) destroyed homes, farms, and businesses, with excess water spilling debris, animal carcasses, and diesel fuel into historically productive fish habitat.
A large number of fishing boats squeeze into a small area off the coast of Alaska.

Impacts of Alaskan interception fisheries on Canadian and Southern U.S. salmon and steelhead

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Alaskan Interceptions of BC Salmon: State of Knowledge Prepared by: Andrew Rosenberger, Victoria Chicatun, and Greg TaylorPrepared for: Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Skeena Wild Conservation Trust Read the report and summary: Southeastern Alaska catch of BC salmon. How many Canadian salmon and steelhead are killed in Southeast Alaskan interception fisheries? In 2021, nearly 800,0000 sockeye…
Killer whales swim by Saturna island

Terminal 2 Backgrounder: Impacts on Southern Resident killer whales

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The shipping expansion at the Deltaport terminal will place further stress on the Fraser estuary that has already lost more than 70% of its natural habitat. Raincoast is particularly concerned about the impacts from the terminal on Fraser Chinook salmon and Southern Resident killer whales…
A large fish swimming under the water.

Terminal 2 Backgrounder: Impacts to Fraser Chinook salmon

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The Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of its shipping terminal at Roberts Bank beside the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. The existing terminal is already a significant presence in the Fraser estuary. Its 210-acre container terminal connects to the largest coal terminal in North America. A four-kilometre long causeway across the Fraser estuary facilitates truck and rail transit between the terminal and the shore…
A darkly coloured wolf with black highlights walks across the sand in the intertidal zone.

Current situational analysis of BC wolves

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In British Columbia, Canada, wolves continue to be killed through a variety of means. These include legal recreational hunting and trapping. Our goal is to stop the hunting and trapping of BC’s wolves. Our initial initiative includes educating the public about the biology, behavior and ecology of wolves and their current situation in British Columbia…