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J16 spy hops: Southern Resident killer whale.

Canada’s recovery measures for endangered killer whales a positive step

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A coalition of six conservation groups commend the federal government’s new measures to support Southern Resident killer whale recovery. The measures are the boldest yet; greater whale-watching restrictions, expanded voluntary slow downs for international shipping and the creation of no-vessel zones in feeding areas.  However, important feeding areas protected from fishing are smaller than last year’s areas, allowing less protection for whales and more areas for fishing…
J16 and J26 on a smokey day in the Salish Sea.

Emergency order for Southern Residents under the Species at Risk Act

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Research by an international team of scientists, including Raincoast staff, showed that a modelled 30 per cent increase in the coast-wide Chinook abundance above the 1979-2008 average could increase southern resident growth rate by as much as 1.9 per cent…
Enbridge Wapaisoo Pipeline Project.

Northern Gateway and the NEB Hearings

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The following is a brief overview of our scientific and legal work against the Northern Gateway Project in our efforts to keep our coast oil-free.