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Coastal wolves (sea wolves) photographed on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada, by Michelle Valberg.

Photo by Michelle Valberg.

Take action and help wolves

In British Columbia, Canada, wolves continue to be killed through a variety of means. These include legal recreational hunting and trapping. You can help us to end the killing of BC’s wolves.

Over 1,200 BC wolves killed annually for “recreational” purposes

In British Columbia the provincial government estimates that some 1,200 wolves are killed on an annual basis for recreational purposes. Raincoast large carnivore experts suspect that number is likely even higher given BC’s weak reporting requirements and inadequate conservation enforcement capability. 

Take action now

Contact the Honourable Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, and the Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, to let them know it is time to stop the hunting and trapping of BC’s wolves. We’ve provided this short email below for you to contact the relevant ministries. Adding your own sentiment is helpful and makes it more likely that the ministers listen.

You will get an email asking you to confirm your action email to the Honourable Ministers Doug Donaldson and George Heyman.

Act now to save wolves

Dear Honourable Ministers,

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Accountability and progress

Current wolf management policy in British Columbia, that permits activity that is so misaligned with commonly held societal values requires immediate attention by our elected representatives, who are accountable to the public.

Government sanctioned culls

We remain opposed to wolf culls here in BC and elsewhere.

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