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Study finds that goals to recover species at risk are stronger in the United States than in Canada

An estimated one million species are at risk of extinction globally and despite efforts, including legislation meant to protect species at risk, the majority of species are not recovering in either Canada or the United States. This might be because governments do not set ambitious or high quality targets to recover species at risk. Researchers […]

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Conservation groups appeal to Supreme Court in Trans Mountain suit

OTTAWA — Ecojustice, acting on behalf of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Living Oceans Society, is taking the fight to defend endangered Southern Resident killer whales from the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the Supreme Court of Canada. The groups allege the federal government violated the Species at Risk Act when it approved the pipeline […]

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada is failing British Columbia’s salmon

VANCOUVER – Canada’s Pacific salmon fishery is losing its coveted eco-certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) because the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), despite repeated commitments, failed to address the issues identified with outstanding conditions in previous independent fishery audits. The industry has chosen to pre-emptively withdraw from the international certification to […]

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New report on need to reform Conservation Officer Service

Sidney, BC: A new report, commissioned by Raincoast Conservation Foundation and produced by the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre, proposes law and policy reforms that would enhance wildlife management by increasing the accountability of the BC Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS) as a whole and reducing the unnecessary killing of wildlife by conservation officers. Drawing […]

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Paying the price – New research indicates trophy hunters pay more to target large-bodied carnivores

New peer-reviewed research by scientists from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the University of Victoria offers fresh insight into the behaviour of trophy hunters. In short, guided hunters pay more to kill larger carnivores, reflecting a desire that likely evolved because large carnivores serve as impressive trophies to signal the abilities of hunters. Theory from […]

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Statement: Conservation groups respond to Federal Court of Appeal decision on Trans Mountain

SIDNEY – The Federal Court of Appeal ruled today that it will not proceed with hearing a case Ecojustice brought on behalf of Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Living Oceans Society, challenging the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Ecojustice lawyer Margot Venton, who represents Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Living Oceans Society in […]

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New research shows all habitat types are needed to conserve salmon and other fish in the Fraser River estuary

The Fraser River estuary supports a multitude of fish species, and is a crucial habitat for juvenile salmon from throughout the Fraser watershed. Currently however, more than 70% of the rearing habitat historically accessible to these salmon has been lost or disconnected. Estuaries are also comprised of different types of habitats, including eelgrasses, marshes and […]

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Conservation groups launch new case challenging Trans Mountain Pipeline

VANCOUVER – Raincoast Conservation Foundation is going back to court with Ecojustice and Living Oceans Society to challenge the federal government’s re-approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The groups submitted a motion to the Federal Court of Appeal this morning, asking for leave to launch a judicial review of Cabinet’s decision. They argue that […]

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Trans Mountain approval wrong choice for endangered killer whales and climate

VANCOUVER – The federal government’s decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline project is the wrong choice for endangered killer whales and for the climate emergency. The project will not go ahead without a fight, environmental groups Ecojustice, Living Oceans Society and Raincoast Conservation Foundation say…

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