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With the fall grizzly bear hunt looming, new research reveals the main target of hunters: achievement

Online hunting forums reveal ‘achievement’ as prominent among multiple hunting ‘satisfactions’, especially when carnivores are targeted

Sidney, BC – Coinciding with British Columbia’s controversial grizzly bear trophy hunt opening for the fall (and possibly final) season, researchers from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the University of Victoria have shed new light on what satisfies hunters…

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New study quantifies marine mammal hotspots in British Columbia

Sidney, BC – A new study by Raincoast Conservation Foundation scientists and academic partners published in the scientific journal Ecosphere identifies areas of the British Columbian coast intensively used by nine marine mammal species, including fin, humpback, and killer whales. Described as “hotspots,” or regions with high densities and diversities of marine mammals, the authors […]

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New study reveals killer whales and other BC marine mammals at high risk from oil spills

A new study reveals that many of BC’s marine mammals are at high risk from oil spill impacts. Marine mammals in general are inherently vulnerable to oil spills due to the extended time they spend at the water’s surface, but this study examined specific traits and population considerations among BC’s marine mammals to determine differences.

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New dietary study reveals salmon hotspots for grizzly and black bears across 700,000 square kilometres

This study represents a decade of work covering an area reaching 1000km into BC and provides resource managers – Indigenous and Western alike – with dietary information from hundreds of bears across thousands of square kilometres, shedding light on the ecological interconnections of ecology in the expansive bear-salmon-human system…

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Conservation campaign aims to save BC’s grizzly bears, one bite at a time

As the grizzly trophy hunt opens this weekend across BC, Raincoast and Denman Island Chocolate will be launching a “Grizzly Bar” to help raise funds to protect bears in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. Proceeds from the Grizzly Bar will directly support the efforts…

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