Raincoast’s Applied Conservation Science Lab at the University of Victoria

The first university lab dedicated to the work of an eNGO in Canada.

Raincoast has always distinguished itself with a record of rigorous, applied conservation science. Central to our successes are strong relationships with academic institutions, their professors and students, which provide tremendous intellectual, financial and infrastructure resources.

Canoe in a river with three people in it from a birds eye view.

A unique collaboration

Owing to this legacy, Raincoast has entered into a unique collaboration with the University of Victoria to establish the Conservation Science Lab at UVic. The lab is led by our very own Dr. Chris Darimont, appointed as the Raincoast Chair in Applied Conservation Science at the University of Victoria.

Chris began his dedication to Raincoast as an undergraduate student and volunteer.  Now an internationally prominent conservation scientist, Chris remains steadfastly committed to his passion; working with (and for) the ecosystems and Indigenous people of the Great Bear Rainforest. Chris’ mentor, inspiration, and Raincoast Senior Scientist, Dr. Paul Paquet, is an integral part of the ‘Raincoast lab’.

Local partners

Working with local Indigenous partners and our in-house team of students and post docs, we focus on coastal conservation of lands and wildlife. The graduate students we attract are exceptional. Bright, passionate and deeply committed to their work, they are equally dedicated to helping build science capacity within First Nations communities.

First Nations Big House on a beach with trees in the background.