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Notes from the Field

Raincoast’s monthly communication detailing our science, field work, events, and breaking conservation updates.

Restoring the upper Pitt River

Salmon smolt underwater.

Published on 2020.11.04 | by Kristen Walters, Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program Coordinator | in Notes from the Field

On three, we haul the lead line in. One, two, three!  I kneel in the stream holding up the seine net and begin combing through debris of leaves, sticks and small rocks, looking for flashes of silver amongst the dull colours.  Coho! My colleague, Ian Hamilton, a Fisheries Biologist and Habitat Restoration Department Head at […]

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Year two of grizzly bear behaviour monitoring in the Atnarko Corridor, Nuxalk Territory

Grizzly Bear

Published on 2020.10.19 | by Kate Field | in Notes from the Field

Patience, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt are a few human qualities that many strive to attain. Grizzly bear field research here on the Atnarko River, Nuxalk Territory, affords our crew the opportunity to develop those traits and put them to the test…

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Monitoring an active restoration project… in a pandemic

Dave Scott holding viewfinder with salmon smolt

Published on 2020.09.15 | by David Scott, Raincoast Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator | in Notes from the Field

Just as we were getting excited about starting our field season to monitor the effectiveness of Raincoast’s Fraser Estuary Connectivity Project, conditions with the pandemic began to get serious and we realized our plans had to change…

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A winter on S,DÁYES in a future ancient forest

A path winds its way up a hill through a forest into the light.

Published on 2020.07.27 | by Shauna Doll, Gulf Islands Forest Project Coordinator | in Notes from the Field

The term “management” is often preceded by “resource” and thus implies a process resulting in economically beneficial outcomes. Governance suggests a more comprehensive, more collaborative approach to making land-use decisions…

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No notes from the field

Three Raincoast fieldworkers stand on the beach around their boat on a sunny day with mountains in the background, on Heiltsuk territory.

Published on 2020.04.22 | by Ilona Mihalik, Research Associate | in Notes from the Field

With COVID-19 and physical isolation happening, some of our research operations have been interrupted…

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Notes from the Great Bear

A tiny bird rests in the rigging of the vessel, Achiever.

Published on 2020.01.22 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Notes from the Field

Umbrella species like the grizzly bear and apex predators such as the killer whale are a focus of Raincoast’s conservation efforts precisely because they are reliant on a broader range of species and processes, and a more complex system to which they contribute to and depend on…

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Connecting the invisible to the visible

A black bear forages in the estuary with the tide out.

Published on 2020.01.21 | by Lauren Henson, Raincoast Research Fellow | in Notes from the Field

As modern scientists, we frequently deal in abstraction. We are separated from the species and ecosystems we study often by hundreds of miles, bureaucratic bubbles, cloistered campuses, and the machinations of innumerable statistical analyses whirring silently away in the electric flatness…

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The best summer camp on earth?

Bighouse in the Kvai watershed.

Published on 2019.08.19 | by Nathaniel Glickman, Education and Outreach Associate | in Notes from the Field

Our research and outreach vessel, Achiever, just returned from one of the most inspiring trips of the year. Let me explain why…

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Creating transformative experiences for students on the Salish Sea

Students aboard Achiever, cluster around the bow on the Salish Sea.

Published on 2019.03.29 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Notes from the Field

These experiences are transformative and what we strive to create for young people with the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program. The program brings students on multi-day journeys aboard Achiever to learn about coastal environments and conservation challenges…

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Breaking new estuary ground on the Steveston Jetty

Steveston Jetty on a grey day, with overset diagrams showing some of the work we're doing.

Published on 2019.02.27 | by David Scott, Raincoast Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator | in Notes from the Field

When we began our research in the Fraser estuary in 2016, the presence of multiple barriers, including the Steveston Jetty, became a significant concern. With the announcement of the Coastal Restoration Fund in 2017, an opportunity to begin addressing these barriers appeared…

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Join us in the Great Bear Rainforest in 2019

Achiever rests on the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest at sunset.

Published on 2019.02.05 | by Nicholas Sinclair | in Notes from the Field

We watch as her three little cubs slowly take to the high water and make their way to mom. They graze on roots, and search for salmon carcasses that simply aren’t there. The cub’s curiosity…

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Advancing non-invasive approaches for monitoring wildlife: considering the ethics of developing new techniques

Hair samples in the field of bears.

Published on 2019.01.28 | by Heather Bryan, Postdoctoral Fellow, RACS Lab | in Notes from the Field

A theme that underlies our research in the Applied Conservation Lab is that we aim to apply methods that are minimally invasive to wildlife. This ethos emerges in large part from our partners in First Nations communities, who have taught us many important lessons about respecting the people, places, and animals where we work. Our […]

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