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We offer expert analysis, background briefings, scientific context and opinions on the biology, environmental science, and governmental policies affecting the coast of BC including the Great Bear Rainforest and the Salish Sea.

Two people working together to collect water samples in a farm field with the mountains in the background.

Peter Ross

Senior Scientist, Healthy Waters Program Director
Ocean pollution, watersheds, whales, microplastics
peter [at] raincoast [dot] org 
@Peter_S_Ross | More 

Valeria Vergara

Senior Scientist, Cetacean Conservation Research Program Director
Underwater noise and disturbance, beluga whales, Northern and Southern Resident killer whales, humpback whales
valeria [at] raincoast [dot] org
@Marine_Valeria | | More 

Misty MacDuffee

Biologist and Wild Salmon Program Director
Southern Resident killer whales, salmon fisheries, Fraser River
misty [at] raincoast [dot] org
More | @Duffling 

Allison Dennert

Quantitative Salmon Ecologist
Pacific salmon, salmon ecosystems, fisheries
allison [at] raincoast [dot] org 
@allisonmdennert | More

Lance Barrett-Lennard

Senior Scientist, Cetacean Conservation Research Program Director
Underwater noise, Southern and Northern Resident killer whales
lance [at] raincoast [dot] org
@LanceBarrettLen | More

Chris Darimont

Science Director, Chair-Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab
Human impacts on large carnivores (bears, wolves, cougars, etc.)
@ChrisDarimont | More 

Paul Paquet

Senior Scientist, Carnivore Specialist
Large carnivores (bears, wolves, cougars, etc.) and wildlife habitat

Kristen Walters

Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program Director
Freshwater habitat, Pacific salmon, Fraser River
kirsten [at] raincoast [dot] org
@kl_walters | More

Chelsea Greer

Wolf Conservation Program Director
Wolves, coastal wolves
chelsea [at] raincoast [dot] org
@ChelGreer | More

Dave Scott

Lower Fraser Research and Restoration Director
Pacific salmon, salmon habitat, Fraser River
dave [at] raincoast [dot] org
@dcscott_BC | More

Adam Warner

Research Scientist, Raincoast Conservation Genetics Lab
DNA sequencing, environmental DNA, conservation genomics  
adam [at] raincoast [dot] org 
@DrAdamWarner | More

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