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Spirit bear with a black bear cub standing in a river.

Help protect Spirit bears

The Kitasoo Xai’xais and Gitga’at Nations are proposing to close black bear hunting within their respective territories in a small area of the Great Bear Rainforest with the highest concentration of Spirit bears.
Achiever closeup in the window on a windy blue ocean; Salish Sea.

Our research and education vessel, Achiever

In 2021, Raincoast welcomed a new marine operations manager and Captain, Drew Grav-Graham, to the team. Having made the jump from the ecotourism industry, Drew brings a wealth of experience and renewed enthusiasm for SV Achiever and the marine program.  Diving straight into months of seabird surveys off the west coast of Vancouver Island in the winter…
A large number of fishing boats squeeze into a small area off the coast of Alaska.

Impacts of Alaskan interception fisheries on Canadian and Southern U.S. salmon and steelhead

Alaskan Interceptions of BC Salmon: State of Knowledge Prepared by: Andrew Rosenberger, Victoria Chicatun, and Greg TaylorPrepared for: Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Skeena Wild Conservation Trust Read the report and summary: Southeastern Alaska catch of BC salmon. How many Canadian salmon and steelhead are killed in Southeast Alaskan interception fisheries? In 2021, nearly 800,0000 sockeye…
Hummingbird on the Gulf Islands.

Conserving endangered Gulf Islands forests

The Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) bio-geoclimatic zone is the smallest and most endangered of 16 such zones in British Columbia. According to BC’s Conservation Data Centre, nearly every ecological community in the CDF is provincially listed as threatened or endangered. The Gulf Islands represent 33.2% of CDF forests and associated habitats, and are the Traditional Territories…

Press releases

Shoreline and Coastal Douglas-fir forest.

Ambitious land purchase to protect at risk Gulf Island habitats

Pender Island, BC – After success initiating their first joint land acquisition in 2020, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Pender Islands Conservancy Association are pursuing another, much more ambitious land protection initiative less than one year later: a 45 acre oceanfront property on S,DÁYES (Pender Island) with a purchase price of $2.18 million. 

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