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Forest floor with a stream running through.

Maxwell Creek Watershed Project Field Files Part 1: Project Impetus

Registered environmental charity, Transition Salt Spring has partnered with experts and organizations from across the Coastal Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone, including Raincoast Conservation Foundation, to provide a model for on-the-ground, multidisciplinary, multisectoral, and collaborative climate action.  We interviewed Ruth Waldick from Transition Salt Spring to learn more about Maxwell Creek Watershed project.  What is the Maxwell…

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North Arm Jetty with a large notch in it.

Fraser Chinook salmon can now reach estuary habitat that was inaccessible for 100 years

VANCOUVER, BC: For the first time in over a century, juvenile salmon now have access to habitats they rely on to feed and grow as they transition from the Fraser River to saltwaters of Georgia Strait. A salmon restoration project has created a “breach” in a century old structure that now provides an access route for young salmon to reach their…

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