Resources for teachers

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Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Resources for Teachers

Raincoast creates free resources for teachers of young adults in grades 9-12 alongside our webinars and video serie. These resources focus on topics in marine science, environmental science and conservation, and often incorporate Indigenous Knowledge to create a greater depth of understanding for youth living in and around the Salish Sea.

Aligning with BC curriculum

Topics CoveredBC Curriculum links
Understanding local marine and terrestrial ecosystemsProcesses and changes in local ecosystems (gr. 11)
Coastal biodiversityDiversity in local ecosystems (gr. 11)
The importance of salmon as a keystone species Processes and changes in local ecosystems (gr. 11)
Watersheds and human connectivityProcesses and changes in local ecosystems (gr. 11)
First Nations history, practices and perspectivesFirst peoples perspectives, philosophies and responsibilities
Traditional uses of natural resourcesFirst Peoples and other traditional ecological knowledge (gr. 11)
Science and research
Use knowledge of scientific concepts to draw conclusions that are consistent with evidence (gr. 10)

Students develop critical thinking, analyze cause and effect relationships cooperation and communication skills. (gr. 10)
Stewardship and conservationConservation and restoration of ecosystems (gr.11)
Threats to the environment and sustainabilitySustainability in local ecosystems (gr. 11)

Land use and sustainability (gr. 12)

Global warming and climate change (gr. 12)

Global health and environmental impacts of population growth (gr.12)
Interconnections between humans and natureGlobal health and environmental impacts of population growth (gr.12)