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Three students stand side by side in a workshop lab.

Coastal Insights online learning

To allow students to continue learning amidst the COVID-19 school closures, Raincoast is launching our live and interactive Coastal Insights online learning program every Wednesday at 1 pm PST until the end of the school year.

Join us for our weekly webinar

Each week, our special guests will be sharing a fun and exciting topic on the lands, waters, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia to help you gain a new perspective on the coast.

The programs address the BC curriculum and offer students supplementary learning resources, a weekly challenge, and recorded episodes, which will be posted after each lesson, if possible. Lessons focus on engaging high school students, however, anyone interested is welcome to join!

Registration for online learning

Registration is welcome at any step in the process. Registering once gives you access to the full remaining online curriculum.


If you have questions about enrolment or about the curriculum, please contact our Education Coordinator, .

Episode # 1: Journey to coastal British Columbia

Live lesson: April 29, 2020, @ 1pm PST
Nathanial Glickman (Raincoast Educator)

This first episode takes viewers on a journey to the beautiful coastline of British Columbia and shares why it is so ecologically and culturally special, but also, some of its conservation challenges and how you can help.

Episode #2: Living in harmony with wildlife 

Live lesson: May 6, 2020 @ 1pm
Lauren Eckert (Raincoast research fellow)

As the global human population steadily grows each year, the boundaries between the habitats of humans and our non-human neighbours can often overlap.  Join Lauren as she shares her expertise on human-wildlife relationships and how to work together towards peaceful coexistence.

Episode #3: The salmon forest: how bears connect land and sea

Live Lesson: May 13, 2020 @ 1pm PST

Megan Adams is an ecologist, focused on how salmon subsidize terrestrial ecosystems in coastal British Columbia. She is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia.

Episode #4: Welcome Home to Xwaaqw’um

Live Lesson: May 20, 2020 @ 1pm PST, with Joe Akerman.

Joe Akerman is of mixed Cowichan and European Heritage from Salt Spring Island, BC. He is the lead in the Xwaaqw’um Project, which creates space for local Elders and Knowledge Holders to enhance culture, language and land-based knowledge, incorporate inclusivity, and provide opportunities for youth and the community. 

Episode #5: Wild Salmon Surrounds Us – Part 1

Live lesson: May 27, 2020 @ 1pm PST
Ryder Wise is a Salish Sea Emerging Stewards alumni and current Junior Leader for Raincoast.

Dave Scott is Raincoast’s Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator. He leads Raincoast’s Fraser Estuary Connectivity Project which has created three large breaches in the Steveston Jetty, reconnecting the river to its delta after over 100 years.

Episode #6: Wild Salmon surrounds us – Part 2 (urban salmon)

Live Lesson: June 3, 2020 @ 1pm PST
Fernando Lessa will take viewers on a virtual tour into our urban neighborhoods to discover the many wild salmon and their habitats living right next door to our homes. 

Fernando is an author, photographer and outdoor storyteller. Drawing from his passion for outdoors sports, Biology degree, and master’s degree in Photography, he specializes in the documenting the relation in between man and mother nature.

Episode #7: Consilience – Braiding Indigenous Knowledge and Academic Science

Live lesson: June 10, 2020 @ 1pm PST

Chris Darimont is Raincoast’s research Chair in Applied Conservation Science and Associate Professor at the University of Victoria. He is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist who applies natural and social science tools to confront conservation problems that are both conceptually interesting and acutely applied.

Jess Housty is a citizen of the Heiltsuk Nation residing in Bella Bella, BC. She leads communications and fundraising for Qqs Projects Society, a community-driven charitable non-profit focused on the Great Bear Rainforest.

Episode # 8: Demystifying the Killer Whales of BC

Live lesson: June 17, 2020 @ 1pm PST
Misty MacDuffee is Raincoast’s Wild Salmon Program Biologist and Director

Maureen Vo is Raincoast’s Development and Education Coordinator. She helps inspire youth to be the next environmental stewards and leaders in Raincoast’s Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program.

Miriam Holmes is a Salish Sea Emerging Student alumni and current Junior Leader for Raincoast.

Episode #9: Inspecting the Intertidal

Live lesson: June 24, 2020 @ 1pm PST

Kloey Douglas is a Salish Sea Emerging Student alumni and current Junior Leader for Raincoast.

Nathanial Glickman is Raincoast’s Marine Operations Coordinator and Salish Sea Emerging Stewards Educator.

Episode #10 (Bonus episode): The Salish Sea Emerging Stewards Program

Live lesson: July 1, 2020 @ 1pm PST

Ryder Wise, Miriam Holmes and Kloey Douglas are Raincoast’s 2020 Junior Leaders