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GiveBig Washington to protect killer whales in the Salish Sea.

Two Southern Resident killer whales surfacing on the ocean.

Published on 2021.05.03 | by Denis Tuzinovic, Donor Relations | in Events

We are excited to participate the 2021 GiveBig Washington campaign! The 48-hour fundraiser officially starts next week (May 4-5), but with early giving having already started you can make a contribution now.

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Guardians of the Coast: The next generation of stewards

Spirit Bear sleeping in the moss.

Published on 2021.04.21 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Events

In this last session of Coastal Insights, we will be joined by some of the inspiring young leaders who are taking action in their communities to sustain and protect the coast.

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Join us for a webinar on conservation in action

Young woman wearing a mask looking out at the ocean while standing on a sail boat.

Published on 2021.04.06 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Events

Join us Wednesday April 7 at 1pm Pacific for Coastal Insights as we look at key conservation issues facing wildlife and their habitat along BC’s coast. The lesson will also discuss how we can take action to protect and sustain the Salish Sea.

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Join us for a webinar on Indigenous Harvesting techniques and technologies

A bee hovers over a purple flower harvesting pollen.

Published on 2021.03.23 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Events

Join us for our 4th webinar in our Coastal Insights series where we will explore Indigenous harvesting techniques and technologies from the past, present and into the future.

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Join us for a webinar on salmon as a foundation species on the coast

A school of red salmon are visible underwater with a beach and forest in the background.

Published on 2021.03.08 | by Alex Harris, Communications Associate | in Events

Join us on this week’s Coastal Insights as we take a look at the pivotal role salmon play in our world while considering the challenges to the long-term resilience of salmon populations.

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Carbon stewardship workshop focusing on Gulf Islands forests and coasts

Three women standing 6 feet apart talking to each other in a Coastal Douglas-fir forest

Published on 2021.03.04 | by Shauna Doll & Briony Penn | in Events

Later this month, Raincoast, along with partners, will be hosting a workshop exploring the feasibility of implementing carbon stewardship projects on the Gulf Islands and across the Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) zone in the Salish Sea. This workshop aims to establish a civic and Indigenous community of learners. Our goal is to collaboratively develop a nature-based climate project financed from conservation, restoration and improved ecosystem management.

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Join us for a webinar examining the concept of Two-Eyed Seeing

The salmon song is sung by drum and on Sto:lo land.

Published on 2021.02.22 | by Raincoast | in Events

In this week’s episode of Coastal Insights, join us as we visit with Albert Marshall, the creator of the two-eyed seeing concept, balancing Indigenous knowledge and contemporary science. We will also be joined by Indigenous fisheries scientist, Andrea Jane Reid, as we examine how this concept is being used today.

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Watersheds 2020 Forum – some lessons from the Lower Fraser River

The Lower Fraser river as seen from the air with city in the background.

Published on 2020.10.14 | by Kristen Walters, Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program Coordinator | in Events

Raincoast will be hosting a session titled, ‘Watershed governance in a complex geography: Lessons and updates from the Lower Fraser Working Group’. This session will occur on Friday, October 16th at 1pm PST…

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Wolf School with Chris Darimont

Wolf School with Chris Darimont.

Published on 2020.09.22 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Events

The last episode of this “semester’s” Wolf School looks toward existing and emerging solutions to the conservation of wolves in British Columbia. Raincoast’s Director of Science, Dr. Chris Darimont, will also look back to share how his mentor, Chester “Lone Wolf” Starr, influenced him, all of our wolf research and the direction of Raincoast’s conservation work on BC’s coast…

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Indigenous perspectives on the wolf

Wolf on a rock with guest photos above.

Published on 2020.09.14 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Events

From creation stories to Indigenous-led reintroduction and contemporary carnivore coexistence, Indigenous peoples have long shared space and time with, and story of, wolves. From day one Raincoast’s wolf research has been shaped by Indigenous knowledge and knowledge holders…

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Join us for episode 4 of Wolf School with Cristina Mittermeier

Episode 4 of Wolf School with Cristina Mittermeier.

Published on 2020.09.08 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Events

Many of you will recognize Cristina’s iconic images of coastal wolves and wildlife around the world. Cristina is also a pioneer in the field of conservation photography. She was a founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and also established conservation charity SeaLegacy…

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Wolf School Episode 3 with biologist Dr. Heather Bryan

Wolf School with Heather Bryan.

Published on 2020.08.31 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Events

After our fantastic second episode with the Wolf Conservation Center’s Regan Downey last week, our next wolf school session will feature another inspiring scientist and educator, Dr. Heather Bryan. Now an Assistant Professor in Ecosystem Science and Management at the University of Northern BC, Heather has played a critical role in Raincoast’s work on coastal wolves and bears for many years…

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