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Notes from the Field

Raincoast’s monthly communication detailing our science, field work, events, and breaking conservation updates.

Notes from the Great Bear

Published on 2017.01.20 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Notes from the Field

Ross Dixon writes about his experience joining Raincoast’s fall “grizzly hunt” and his wildlife excursion in the Great Bear Rainforest…

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Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, and hope for killer whales

Published on 2016.12.10 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

We have something to celebrate. And so do you. In November, the federal government finally rejected the Northern Gateway proposal…

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Notes from the Field: After the spill

Published on 2016.10.27 | by Kyle Artelle, PhD | in In the News, Notes from the Field

As a Raincoast biologist privileged to call Waglisla (Bella Bella) in Heiltsuk Territory home, this is a story I wish I wasn’t writing…

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Three months in the Fraser River estuary

Sunset over Fraser River estuary, showing important fish and wildlife habitat

Published on 2016.07.09 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

We have been out on the vast flats of the Fraser River estuary with purse seine and beach seine nets to document the arrival and use of different habitats by juvenile salmon.

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Heading north to the Great Bear Rainforest

Achiever, on the coast with a rainbow in the background.

Published on 2015.08.08 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

From grizzlies and humpbacks to young Raincoasters and nudibranchs, follow the annual northward transit of Raincoast’s research vessel Achiever from Nanaimo to Bella Bella…

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Compassionate conservation and the wolf:

A wolf with cubs

Published on 2015.07.23 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Among the most studied of large wild mammals, wolves will always hold a special fascination for our supporters, the Raincoast staff, and me…

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Top predators: shaping landscapes

A raccoon perches on a branch in the intertidal zone in the middle on the night.

Published on 2015.07.01 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Large carnivores on our coast are not just charismatic, they are critical components of coastal food webs; they keep landscapes functioning and species abundance from imbalance…

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Notes from the Field – Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Raincoast's field station in Bella Bella in front of a backdrop of forest and mountains

Published on 2015.04.14 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Spring is a special time for our research crews. Across the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest bears are emerging from dens …

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Peace on Earth for killer whales?

Three orcas swim in a pod from right to left, showing their dorsal fin.

Published on 2014.12.27 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

“Peace on Earth” should extend goodwill and compassion to the non-human families and communities with whom we share this planet…

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New study shows Canada’s species at risk rarely recover

A lone killer whale swimming near a rocky out crop

Published on 2014.12.08 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

What do the North Atlantic Right Whale, the Woodland Caribou and the Spotted Bat all have in common? Like hundreds of other species in Canada, all three are at elevated risk of going extinct…

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Are you Directly Affected by the Kinder Morgan proposal?

Directly affected logo

Published on 2014.10.31 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Raincoast has upcoming film premieres of Directly Affected in Vancouver and Victoria. Check out dates and locations…

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Adopt a drift card to help protect our coast

Published on 2014.08.26 | by Andy Rosenberger | in Notes from the Field

Our drift card study is a perfect example of research that creatively meshes science with public awareness…

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