Pascale Campagna-Slater, Education Coordinator

Growing up in land-locked Ottawa, Pascale always dreamed of moving to BC and living by the ocean. After completing a Masters of Marine Science and Management in Australia, she moved to Vancouver. Since then, she has worked as an educator and coordinator of multiple classroom, outdoor and online youth programs. Working with organizations such as Let’s Talk Science and Ocean Wise, her work has focused on ocean, environmental and science education. She has also worked for many years as a naturalist on whale watching boats in the Salish Sea, which has allowed her to learn so much about the coast, and discover an interest in wildlife photography. 

Pascale is excited she can apply these skills and experiences to the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program, while continuing to discover the coast with inspiring youth and future leaders in environmental and social change.

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Pascale Campagna-Slater, Education Coordinator, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, with a toque on, on the water.
Photo by Meghan Hemstra.