Denis Tuzinovic

US Operations Coordinator

Denis Tuzinovic is the environmental coordinator and retail floor lead for Patagonia Seattle, where he’s grown the environmental program over the past five years. He works closely with Patagonia’s leadership to ensure equitable representation for the LGBTQ+ community within the company. Before joining our team, Denis has helped us put on events at the local Patagonia store.

Denis has been a volunteer for us for the last three years and oversees our US Operations, where he works closely with our donors and helps facilitate any partnerships in the US.

denis [at] raincoast [dot] org

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Denis Tuzinovic volunteers as Raincoast’s US Operations Coordinator. He is also the Environmental Coordinator at Patagonia as well as the Co-Lead of Patagonia’s LGBTQ+ Coordinating Committee. Denis shared his story…

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