Brian Falconer
Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores Program Director

Brian Falconer has been a commercial mariner for over 35 years on the coasts of BC and Alaska. Formerly a bush pilot and sport fishing lodge owner, he was owner-operator of Maple leaf Adventures Ltd., and for 17 years offered natural history and First Nations cultural history tours on the classic schooner Maple Leaf on the coasts of BC and Alaska. Wildlife and bears in particular were a large part of these trips. As former director of marine operations for Raincoast Conservation Foundation, he was responsible for the management of the marine research programs.

As Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores Program Director, he leads the project to end commercial hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest by acquiring the tenures which confer exclusive commercial hunting rights over vast areas. Brian has worked for over 2 decades on the Raincoast-led campaign which, last year, ended the killing of grizzly bears in BC. He has guided many people to powerful experiences with bears and was a founding member of the Canadian Bear Viewing Association.

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