Paige Roper, MSc
Biologist, Lower Fraser Salmon Conservation Program Field Researcher

Paige received her BSc in Natural Resource Conservation with a focus on Science and Management in UBC’s Faculty of Forestry, which further heightened her appreciation for the natural world. After graduating in 2020, Paige started working for Raincoast’s Wild Salmon Program in the Fraser Estuary as a Research Assistant and has continued to work with Raincoast since. She is currently pursuing her MSc in Dr. Scott Hinch’s Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Lab where she is looking at the dietary differences of juvenile wild and hatchery Chinook salmon in important eelgrass habitat. She grew up in Northern California along the American River where she fostered a passion for environmental conservation and a love for the river, its biodiversity, and the surrounding mountains. 

Paige is excited to work at Raincoast because she aspires to align with the organization’s interdisciplinary approach to science, conservation, and community inclusion. In her free time Paige loves to run, bike, snowboard, and paint, but always looks forward to summers spent on the river trying to understand and protect wild salmon. 

paige [at] raincoast [dot] org

Paige wearing a red puffy jacket smiling standing in front of the ocean.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.