Lower Fraser River salmon conservation program

The Fraser is one of the world’s great rivers. Historically it produced more salmon than any other place in North America. Its delta is one of the Pacific Coast’s largest and most important estuaries. It is the rearing and feeding grounds for more than 50 species of fish, many of which play a crucial role in a foodweb that links fish, birds and marine mammals across thousands of kilometers of the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by Michael O. Snyder.

Ecological, cultural, and economic importance

Given the importance of Fraser River salmon ecologically, culturally and economically, and the intensity of development pressures in the Lower River and estuary, Raincoast has initiated a Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program.

Our goal is to see healthy populations of wild salmon returning to the Lower Fraser River. Our work on the Lower Fraser is focused on research and restoration in the estuary and on building a broader vision for salmon habitat conservation and restoration through the whole Lower Fraser River.