Ripple Effect

A series of animated videos aimed at conserving salmon.

Art by Michael Mann.

Our wild dream

Wild Pacific salmon are the foundation of coastal ecosystems in British Columbia. Raincoast is focused on not only recovering wild salmon, but seeing them thrive. We use scientific research, informed advocacy, and collaboration to advance conservation solutions. We have an unwavering commitment to see wild salmon thrive in wild rivers.

The problem with hatcheries, and how we can fix it

Hatcheries in BC began in earnest in the 1970s as a response to the declining numbers of wild salmon due to overfishing and habitat loss. Hatcheries have allowed us to produce fish artificially without having to question how we manage salmon or their habitat. 

Is there something wrong with the way we fish?

Along with habitat loss and climate change, overfishing is widely considered a key driver of the decline in wild salmon. To fix this problem, we can look to fishing methods that have been practiced for generations, and still are used successfully to this day: terminal fisheries. With terminal fisheries, often placed at the mouth or within a river, fishers can control which species of salmon they are catching, and be able to only catch salmon from populations that are thriving. 

A better, older way to fish

Animation direction by Michael Mann. Narrated by Tariq Leslie. Sound mixing by Daryl Chonka.