Amy Rowley, PhD
Research Scientist

Amy works as a research scientist for Raincoast’s Cetacean Research Program. She holds a BSc from the University of Exeter and a PhD from the University of Manchester, where her thesis investigated how sexual selection shapes the evolution of reproductive traits in sharks and rays.

Since moving from the UK to the west coast of Canada in 2019, Amy has applied her analytical toolkit to a variety of pressing environmental issues, ranging from sea lice outbreaks in aquaculture to the health of killer whale populations. She loves to find the story in the data and has a particular interest in creative data visualisation. Amy’s current work examines how ecological and social variables interact to influence the body condition and reproductive success of northern resident killer whales, with the ultimate goal of informing effective, evidence-based protective measures. She is experienced in marine fieldwork and, when she isn’t clicking pixels or crunching numbers, enjoys getting to know the coast and its wildlife.