We’re legally challenging the federal government’s approval of Roberts Bank Terminal 2

We argue the Canadian government’s approval of Terminal 2 violates the Species at Risk Act.

When they approved the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project, the Canadian government also approved the destruction of federally-protected Critical Habitat for endangered Southern Resident killer whales. Represented by Ecojustice and alongside the David Suzuki Foundation, Wilderness Committee, and the Georgia Strait Alliance, we argue that the approval is unlawful.

Critical Habitat is defined under the Species at Risk Act as habitat that is necessary for the survival or recovery of a listed wildlife species and must be protected from destruction. To proceed with the project, a permit is required by Fisheries and Ocean Canada that allows the destruction of this legally protected habitat. To issue such a permit, the federal government would have to contravene their own legislation. They would also act in a manner inconsistent with the findings of their federal Impact Assessment Agency. 

We will continue to champion a thriving Fraser River Estuary that supports the recovery of Southern Residents and over 100 other at-risk species. This is a place worth fighting for, one that whales, fish, birds, and people have depended on for generations.   

Support our mobile lab, Tracker!

Our new mobile lab will enable the Healthy Waters Program to deliver capacity, learning, and training to watershed-based communities. We need your support to convert the vehicle and equip it with lab instrumentation. This will allow us to deliver insight into pollutants of concern in local watersheds, and contribute to solution-oriented practices that protect and restore fish habitat.

Sam Scott and Peter Ross standing in front of the future mobile lab, which is a grey sprinter van.