Islands Trust Conservancy supports protection of KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest.

After nearly three months of fundraising effort, Raincoast and the Pender Islands Conservancy are so pleased to share the support extended by Islands Trust Conservancy!

On the first day of spring 2022, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Pender Islands Conservancy announced a matching campaign initiated by a $100,000 donation from Sitka Foundation. That amount was doubled, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor bringing our matching campaign to $200,000. Since then, we have raised $81,756.95 in donations from individuals and small businesses, mostly based around the Salish Sea.  

With just seven days left in our matching campaign, Islands Trust Conservancy (ITC) has announced a contribution of $5,000 from their Opportunity Fund bringing our current matching campaign total to $86,756.95. 

The total amount needed to be successful in our campaign to protect KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest is $2.1 million. Since launching the campaign on December 22, 2022, we have raised a total of $212,998.26. This number does not include the $200,000 pledged from Sitka Foundation and the anonymous donor. 

Belted Kingfisher on a branch.
Photo by Tilaï-Ellis-Stairs.

Islands Trust Conservancy is part of the Islands Trust, a unique governance federation mandated with the preservation and protection of the 13 major and 400+ smaller islands and surrounding waters of the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and southern British Columbia’s mainland. Islands Trust Conservancy protects natural landscapes across the Islands Trust region. The support of individuals and partners has helped to protect more than 1,365 ha of land within 32 nature reserves and 79 conservation covenants on islands in the Salish Sea. A small, but mighty team, Islands Trust Conservancy works to support partners, donors, and private landholders every day to protect and preserve the incredible biodiversity and special places that make this region unlike anywhere else in the world. 

The purpose of the Islands Trust Conservancy’s Opportunity Fund is to support timely opportunities to protect biodiversity in the Islands Trust Area. The Opportunity Fund provides support for ‘hard to fundraise’ costs associated with land protection and can be used to leverage increased donations to land acquisition projects. 

This $5,000 contribution is a welcome and gratefully received gift that will certainly help us to meet our fundraising goal. What’s more, it is a demonstration of the Islands Trust Conservancy’s support of the protection of KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest. Islands Trust Conservancy is a regional land trust focused on protecting the lands and waters of the Salish Sea. It is staffed by biologists who intimately know and understand the condition of Coastal Douglas-fir forests and associated habitats. To have their support is more than a financial milestone, it is a recognition of the ecological value of this 45 acre habitat at the edge of the Salish Sea.

Licorice fern growing on a mossy maple tree
Photo by Alex Harris.

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We investigate to understand coastal species and processes. We inform by bringing science to decision-makers and communities. We inspire action to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Coastal wolf with a salmon in its month.
Photo by Dene Rossouw.