Misty MacDuffee speaks to lack of government action on Southern Resident killer whales

Misty MacDuffee's interview with CFAX 1070.

What is the government of Canada doing to protect the Southern Resident killer whales? The threat to these killer whales has not changed. Misty Macduffee, Raincoast Conservation Foundation Biologist & Program Director, explains in early May to Adam Sterling at CFAX 1070 how the overlapping risks to the Southern Resident killer whales have not been addressed by any action of the federal government.

“The issue with Kinder Morgan is that everyone agreed – both the National Energy Board and Kinder Morgan- that the increase in shipping traffic, alone, would have a significant, adverse… and not mitigable, impact on Southern Resident killer whales. The way the National Energy Board got around this is by ending the project in Burnaby. They said ‘this project ends at tidewater and no longer includes marine impacts.’ Because the Species at Risk Act is inconvenient to the Federal Government, they decided they would no longer include marine effects.”

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Adam Stirling from CFAX 1070.
Adam Stirling.

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