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For the coast

How art will help protect S,DÁYES Flycatcher Forest

Two painting float in the foreground of an out of focus fern from Flycatcher Forest.

Published on 2021.02.19 | by Shauna Doll, Gulf Islands Forest Project Coordinator | in For the coast

We are incredibly grateful to every person who transformed this initiative from the hopes of one person into reality, and because we cannot thank each of you individually, we wanted to recognize a few of the artists who have donated their time and talent to the permanent protection of local ecosystems.

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BC’s Coastal Douglas-fir zone needs protection now

Close up photo of a cedar bough.

Published on 2021.02.09 | by Chris Genovali and Shauna Doll | in For the coast

In an era where climate change is a modern reality and biodiversity is in crisis the world over, the province’s continued support of industrial logging in old growth forests is out of sync with global scientific consensus and policy objectives. This is especially true in the Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) biogeoclimactic zone, the smallest and most endangered of 16 such zones in BC…

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Takaya the grey wolf will become B.C.’s Cecil the lion

Takaya walks along the rocks in the low pink light of dusk.

Published on 2020.06.25 | by Chris Darimont, Chris Genovali, & Paul Paquet | in For the coast

Without the crushing emotional burden of a pandemic, Takaya the grey wolf would surely and immediately emerge as British Columbia’s Cecil the Lion. His senseless killing by a hunter this week could – and should – leave a significant and enduring mark on society and provincial wildlife management. To get there, however, we need to […]

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Launching Raincoast’s photography ethics

A bear leans over to look closely at a camera on a tripod.

Published on 2020.03.24 | by Alex Harris, Communications Associate | in For the coast

At Raincoast we are committed to only using images and video that are ethically obtained. We have now published our Photography Ethics Policy to guide both our acquisition and use of photography, whether for use on our website, social media platforms, printed materials or other uses. We will only use images from others that we […]

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A gift to end commercial trophy hunting of coastal carnivores

A wolf trots across the eel grass in the estuary.

Published on 2019.12.03 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in For the coast

#GivingTuesday is a global movement of generosity that has a huge impact on smaller charitable organizations like Raincoast. Raincoast is funded by donations from people like you and those donations allow us to continue our work of protecting the wildlife of BC’s coast, the Salish Sea, Great Bear Rainforest and beyond. 100% of your donations […]

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Stories from the Magic Canoe – An Update on the Kitlope Tenure

Bob McDonald sits on stage with Briony Penn, Brian Falconer, and

Published on 2019.11.27 | by Alex Harris, Communications Associate | in For the coast

Last Thursday, Raincoast hosted a sold out event in Victoria about the legacy of the Kitlope and Xenaxiala elder, Cecil Paul. Cecil was the last person born in the Kitlope and led the efforts to protect the Kitlope from extractive industries. Although Cecil could not join us, we were privileged to be joined by three […]

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We are headed to the Supreme Court for Southern Resident killer whales

Southern Resident killer whales on the surface of the blue Salish Sea.

Published on 2019.11.05 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Paul Paquet, Senior Scientist | in For the coast

Today, Raincoast takes our work to protect Southern Resident killer whales from the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Working with Living Oceans Society and our legal team at Ecojustice, we have filed an application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. We are arguing that the […]

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Gvukva’áus Haíɫzaqv. House of the Haíɫzaqv, it’s always been here

Published on 2019.11.04 | by Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator | in For the coast

The Haíɫzaqv (Heiltsuk) community of Waglisla (Bella Bella) who have been our friends, supporters and partners for over a generation, were about to celebrate the historic opening of the stunning new Gvukva’áus Haíɫzaqv (house of the Haíɫzaqv) with a five day potlatch celebration. Over 3000 people were expected. Knowing that accommodations were limited in the […]

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Where bears, fish, and humans roam

A bear stands or floats in the water eating a giant salmon.

Published on 2019.11.01 | by Kate Field | in For the coast

Transitioning between seasons can often push your senses to work overtime. This is especially true in summer and autumn in the Atnarko River corridor, where the river comes alive with Chinook, chum, pink, sockeye, and coho salmon runs. The smell of a river containing spawned-out fish is unforgettable, and one I have grown fond of. […]

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Searching for sentinels at the top of the world

Mountain goat blending in with rocks and moss on the BC west coast.

Published on 2019.10.30 | by Tyler Jessen | in For the coast

White on white is hard to see. It is especially difficult when what’s white is a mountain goat tucked into the nooks and crannies at the top of a mountain. These elusive animals cling to the windswept peaks of the coastal mountains of British Columbia where they find relief from warm summer temperatures and the […]

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B.C.’s human-wildlife conflict response needs reform

A happy large black bear walks down the road.

Published on 2019.09.25 | by Kelly Firth & Chris Genovali | in For the coast

Recent events have raised important legal questions about the policies, practices, and procedures of the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS) for responding to human-wildlife conflicts. This past summer was marked by multiple encounters involving people and black bears in the Lower Mainland, with accompanying BCCOS-related controversy as well. In a high-profile incident in Coquitlam, […]

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A new way to help us end trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest

People in a boat a ways from shore, watch a grizzly bear, in the Kitlope.

Published on 2019.09.05 | by Alex Harris, Communications Associate | in For the coast

By now you’ve probably seen the photos and video we’ve shared of the Kitlope, and hopefully you’re getting some sense of how spectacular this place really is. This past May I was given the opportunity to travel to the Kitlope conservancy aboard the SV Maple Leaf and it was easily the most beautiful place I’ve […]

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