We did it! Fundraising for the Nadeea tenure is complete

This past 18 months has been a wild ride and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Yesterday was the day of reckoning. With online donations, cheques arriving in the mail, and match funding in place, we can now confirm that we’ve finally met our fundraising goal of $500,000! In the coming weeks we will formally complete our purchase of the Nadeea hunting tenure, and another 2,350 square kilometres of the Great Bear Rainforest will be free from commercial trophy hunting.

This marks a significant conservation win and takes us one step closer to our shared goal, with Coastal First Nations, of permanently ending commercial trophy hunting throughout the Great Bear Rainforest. We owe a huge debt of thanks to so many, including Lush Cosmetics for a $100,000 donation that got us started, Denman Island chocolate for the Grizzly Bar, fundraisers like Gio who ran the length of Vancouver Island, the photographers whose contributions to the One Shot for Coastal Carnivores exhibit helped engage thousands, to the tour operators who bring grateful people into this fabulous area, and especially to you. You made this happen and it’s a key part in a conservation plan of much broader scope.

The next piece of the puzzle? We will be announcing more on that soon – so please watch this space.

This marks a significant conservation win and takes us one step closer to our shared goal, with Coastal First Nations, of permanently ending commercial trophy hunting throughout the Great Bear Rainforest.  Tweet This!

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Yesterday we also saw a timely reminder in the filing of a legal action because of the grizzly hunt ban. This serves to underscore that our strategy of acquiring these tenures guards against possible change, and knowing this, we remain focused on celebrating this win – a win that respects the Indigenous laws of our Coastal First Nations partners, as well as the wishes of an overwhelming majority of British Columbians.

We are in this for the long-haul and we will need you to continue to play your part in this success as we now work toward raising the funds for the deposit on the next tenure.

Coincidentally, this announcement falls on my birthday and I can think of no better present.

Sincerely, to all of you I express my deep gratitude for your support for what is a huge accomplishment that will leave a legacy far beyond my own years on BC’s Coast. I’m profoundly grateful that future generations will have the privilege of having the kind of experiences that have immeasurably enriched my life and the lives of all who have been fortunate to travel here.

With thanks from all at Raincoast.

Brian Falconer on the Achiever.

Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator

You can find Brian at his desk and on the Achiever navigating the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest. He’s here for the coast.

Safeguard Coastal Carnivores

A map of the Nadeea tenure announcing the

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