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Help us safeguard coastal carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest

Working with our First Nations partners, our goal is to permanently end commercial trophy hunting of all large carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Help us take the next step and secure the 5300 km2 Kitlope tenure

We now need to raise a $100,000 deposit for a fifth commercial hunting licence covering the iconic Kitlope Conservancy and surrounding area. Acquiring this tenure allows us to permanently end commercial trophy hunting of grizzlies, black bears, wolves, cougars and wolverines in one of British Columbia’s most revered watersheds.

Kitlope downpayment progress

$85,000 towards downpayment

Permanent end to commercial trophy hunting

Purchasing the remaining commercial tenures in the Great Bear Rainforest, coupled with the province’s ban on the grizzly hunt, is a significant step towards our goal of ending commercial trophy hunting of all coastal carnivores, including wolves.

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A strategy with a proven track record

We have now acquired the commercial trophy hunting rights in approximately 33,500 square kilometres of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. We extinguish guided hunting when we purchase the tenures. Our ultimate goal is to secure the rights to all commercial trophy hunting tenures on the BC coast. We now stand poised to complete the job.

Buying hunting territories, a permanent fix

As the only permanent solution to stopping the commercial trophy hunt appeared to be buying out hunting licenses, we began purchasing hunting rights in 2005. With your help we have given protection to carnivores from trophy hunting in three jurisdictions in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Help us take the next step

Together we can finish the job.

Help us Safeguard Coastal Carnivores 

Map of the Kitlope commercial hunting tenure in the Great Bear Rainforest, BC.

Help us take the next step toward finishing the job

This commercial hunting tenure is 5300 km2.

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Working with First Nations

Your support will help Raincoast and our First Nations partners end commercial trophy hunting in their territories.

Purchasing these tenures is one small part of the process of respecting the autonomy of First Nations communities in the Great Bear Rainforest.



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The Kitlope as seen from the air.

Two weeks left for the Kitlope

Over the last few months many of you have stepped up to support our efforts to permanently end commercial trophy hunting in the spectacular Kitlope ...
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Cecil Paul, Xenaksiala elder, at a book signing in Kitimat Valley.

Stories from the Magic Canoe of Wa’xaid

It is a Thursday night at the Kitimat Valley Institute and there is a long line-up of people waiting to buy a book from the ...
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A stunning field of Lupin is framed by the epic mountains of the Kitlope.

A first grizzly bear in the Kitlope

Just days before being asked to go on a last-minute week-long trip to the Kitlope I had been glued to the pages of Cecil Paul ...
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Cecil Paul and Brian Falconer sit on a river bank speaking about the Kitlope.

Back to the Kitlope

The pictures may be grainy but my memories are not. I first visited the Kitlope in 1990 aboard the Maple Leaf at the invitation of ...
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A wolf sits in the intertidal zone and stares out: Safeguard Coastal Carnivores.

We did it! Fundraising for the Nadeea tenure is complete

Yesterday was the day of reckoning. With online donations, cheques arriving in the mail, and match funding in place, we can now confirm that we’ve ...
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Ilona Mihalik stands in front of an epic Grizzly bear photo as part of the One Shot for Coastal Carnivores exhibit.

Friday is the last day to make a bid in our online auction

The online auction of our wildlife photography exhibit, One Shot for Coastal Carnivores, is coming to a close this week. The gallery showings at the ...
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A Grizzly bear rests on the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest.

On the brink of campaign success – New $50,000 match funding

We have some great news! With just weeks left to buy the Nadeea trophy hunting tenure, an anonymous donor has offered to match the last ...
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Gio runs on the treadmill with a CO2 mask testing his oxygen uptake.

Maxing out to protect coastal carnivores

Hello again! If you read my first post from back in July, you’ll remember that I planned to run the length of the Island from ...
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The Sitka donation-o-meter is at $313,000!

Update: closing in on securing the Nadeea tenure

The Vancouver launch of our One Shot for Coastal Carnivores show has been a great success. Hundreds of people visited the gallery and it was ...
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