Coastal carnivore conservation in the Pacific Northwest – The Collective, Seattle

On November 9th, The Collective and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation are hosting an event in Seattle.

The Collective and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation are hosting an event to help permanently protect the coastal carnivores of the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia.

Friday, November 9th

6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific
Food and drinks from Aslan Brewing and Proletariat Wines
Raffle prizes from Patagonia

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Next week in Seattle, Raincoast’s Brian Falconer, a conservationist, mariner and ecotourism industry leader with over 35 years experience sailing the coast, will share his perspective and experiences with BC’s coastal carnivores. Brian will also speak about Raincoast’s innovative solution to buy commercial trophy hunting tenures and shoot wildlife with cameras, not guns.

The event will feature music, food and drinks from Aslan Brewing and Proletariat Wines. With raffle prizes from Patagonia.

Proceeds from the event will help secure a fourth commercial trophy hunting tenure, the Nadeea tenure, that will add another 888 square miles of protection in the Great Bear Rainforest to the more than 11,000 square miles already protected by Raincoast.

The evening will also showcase photography from a unique collection, One Shot for Coastal Carnivores, that features images from 12 outstanding wildlife photographers.

Grizzly bears, wolves, Spirit bears and cougars – meet them in Seattle at The Collective this fall.

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Research scientist, Adam Warner conducting genetics research in our genetics lab.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.