A night to celebrate women in conservation

Join us at the Robert Bateman Centre on November 16th in Victoria, to see this inspiring exhibit and hear from leaders in conservation.

Although science has traditionally been a male-dominated field, my motivation to pursue it came largely from women I read about and watched on TV. Jane Goodall and Rosalind Franklin were early inspirations, having paved the way for female scientists today. My current mentors are nowadays all around me; I work in an immensely inclusive environment (the Raincoast-UVic Applied Conservation Science Lab), and am surrounded by supportive and hard-working people dedicated to applied research that benefits natural and human systems – most of my colleagues are women.

I’m thankful for all of the strong women who have inspired me. From the women of Raincoast, the Applied Conservation Science Lab, and other local organizations, or within the communities we partner and work with – to women whom I’ve sat alongside in lectures, who have taught the lectures, and women who have prominently fought conservation issues around the world. I’m still a young researcher, and although I have much more growth and learning ahead of me in my career, it’s these women who have helped me chart my path.

This fall, Raincoast will be hosting an event that celebrates women in conservation. This event is part of the exhibit and online auction, One Shot for Coastal Carnivores which is coming to the Robert Bateman Centre in November. This is an opportunity to see these stunning photographs in person and to help secure the Nadeea tenure and Safeguard Coastal Carnivores.

On November 16th, I hope you might join us at the Robert Bateman Centre to learn from, engage and celebrate female Indigenous partners, scientists, journalists, business owners, and philanthropists supporting conservation efforts to safeguard coastal carnivores of British Columbia. I am proud to be a woman in conservation science. Please consider joining my colleagues and me as we celebrate our accomplishments.

Women in conservation

Hosted by Maureen Gordon, Raincoast Board Chair and Co-owner of Maple Leaf Adventures.

Lauren Eckert, Raincoast Research FellowLauren Eckert

Conservation scientist, adventure enthusiast, UVic… read more.

Emma Gilchrist from The Walrus.Emma Gilchrist

Environmental journalist, explorer, Co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Narwhal… read more.

Misty MacDuffee

Conservation biologist, program director for Wild Salmon Program at Raincoast, … read more.

Jennifer Walkus from Wuikinuxv Nation.Jennifer Walkus

Conservation, fisheries management, Wuikinuxv Nation… read more.

November 16th, Robert Bateman Centre

From Indigenous partners to scientists, journalists to business owners and philanthropists to artists, Raincoast is lucky to have the support of numerous leaders supporting our conservation efforts. This evening, hosted by Raincoast board chair and Maple Leaf Adventures co-owner Maureen Gordon, will offer an opportunity to learn from, engage and celebrate women in conservation.

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