Conservation concerns for DFO’s 2016 salmon fishing plan

BC salmon conservation groups submit concerns to DFO for 2016-2017 harvest plan

salmon swimming underwater

Conservation concerns for 2016 Fishing Plan (PDF)

Raincoast works closely with NGOs that form the Salmon Committee of the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus (with Watershed Watch, SkeenaWild, David Suzuki Foundation, the Steelhead Society of BC and the Pacific StreamKeepers Foundation) to address salmon harvest and management issues on the Pacific coast.

As such, we participate in federal planning process (Integrated Harvest Planning Committee) regarding annual salmon fishing plans (Integrated Fishing Management Plans).  Our conservation concerns for 2016 extend to Chinook, coho, sockeye, pink, chum and steelhead on the BC coast.


DFO’s draft 2016-2017 Salmon Fishing plan

Northern BC 2016- 2017  (PDF 300+ pgs)

Southern BC 2016- 2017 (PDF 300+ pgs)

Summary of Feedback from all sectors on the South Coast 2016-2017 Salmon Fishing Plan (PDF)