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Backgrounder on Canada’s Pacific salmon fishery losing its Marine Stewardship Council certification

A salmon in a stream, with four partner logos, Watershed Watch, David Suzuki Foundation, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, and Raincoast.

What is the Marine Stewardship Council? The Marine Stewardship Council, or “MSC”, is an international, independent non-profit organization which sets a standard for sustainable fishing. Fisheries that wish to demonstrate they are well-managed and sustainable compared to the science-based MSC standards are assessed by a team of experts who are independent of both the fishery […]

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Provincial Wild Salmon Secretariat needs a focus on habitat

A salmon swims in to the current on the bottom of the Lower Fraser river: closeup of a salmon nose.

In order to recover and sustainably manage depleted wild salmon populations, place-based management and the restoration of salmon watersheds is the best way forward given the changing environmental conditions that confront these fish and the value that British Columbians place on them.

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The Get Out Migration – Salmon are Sacred

underwater photo of sockeye salmon

Sidney Presentation by Alexandra Morton – Salmon are Sacred Alexandra Morton will be giving an evening presentation about her reasons for rallying the public around wild salmon. She’ll share her experiences about her journey on the Migration and her hopes for the next day’s rally in Victoria at the Parliament buildings. A table will be […]

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Raincoast speaks for salmon

Fall 2009 news coverage, letters and articles voicing our concerns for wild salmon. Times Colonist, October 4, 2009 Letter to Minister, Sept 16, 2009 Notes from the Field: Sept 11, 2009 Times Colonist, Sept 9, 2009 Seaside Times, September 05, 2009 Times Colonist, August 29, 2009 Globe & Mail, August 19, 2009

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