Now the ball is in Canada’s court

Montreal Gazette, December 11, 2009

Re: “U.S. EPA moves on climate as Congress stalls” (Gazette, Dec. 8)

Now that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that greenhouse-gas emissions pose a threat to public health and welfare, will Canada follow suit and harmonize with this policy?The federal government has consistently justified its foot-dragging on climate-change by arguing that Canada needs to twin policy with the Americans. The EPA decision has, at least in part, defined the climate-change policy the Canadian government claims it has been waiting for from the Obama administration.

Environment Minister Jim Prentice keeps repeating that the federal government will not put the economy at risk when it comes to implementing a climate action plan. One wonders if he thinks putting the health and welfare of Canadians at risk by continuing inaction is acceptable.

Chris Genovali
Raincoast Conservation
Sidney, B.C.