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Controversial exhibit stays at city hall

Global News Hour Calgary
A controversial art exhibit at city hall can stay right where it is, even though under normal circumstances it would be forced out. Global’s Reid Fiest reports…

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Raincoast’s Oscar pick

Raincoast joins with other national and international organizations to support James Cameron and send a message about the Alberta Tar Sands Project that would bring oil tankers to the BC coast. Click here to see the ad in Hollywood’s Variety Magazine.

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Climate change: policy in the dark

Toronto Star Re: Climate change: policy in the dark, Editorial Dec. 11 Kudos to the Star for its thoughtful editorial. Reflecting on the federal government’s continued foot dragging on the climate change file, as well as its predilection for “shouting down critics and environmental activists,” as your editorial points out, one has to wonder what […]

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Now the ball is in Canada’s court

Montreal Gazette, December 11, 2009 Re: “U.S. EPA moves on climate as Congress stalls” (Gazette, Dec. 8) Now that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that greenhouse-gas emissions pose a threat to public health and welfare, will Canada follow suit and harmonize with this policy?

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