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Searching for sentinels at the top of the world

Mountain goat blending in with rocks and moss on the BC west coast.

White on white is hard to see. It is especially difficult when what’s white is a mountain goat tucked into the nooks and crannies at the top of a mountain. These elusive animals cling to the windswept peaks of the coastal mountains of British Columbia where they find relief from warm summer temperatures and the […]

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Wrong to ignore Climate Change

Enbridge Northern Gateway is proposing a pipeline and oil tankers through BC

By Paul Paquet, Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee,
The StarPhoenix
As formal interveners in the Northern Gateway federal review process, we were disconcerted that climate change was not considered in the Enbridge ESA…

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Kochs Invade Canada

The Huffington Post
January 21, 2011
By Chris Genovali

After losing their fight for Proposition 23 in California, one might have hoped the world would be safe from oil-rich climate deniers Charles and David Koch for a little while. But unfortunately their misinformation campaign is drifting over the border into Ontario, Canada…

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Climate change is real and demands a concerted effort

By Chris Genovali, Vancouver Sun, December  22, 2009 Re: The scare tacticians: ‘Scientists’ should face criminal prosecution, Dec. 18 David Warren’s paranoia-ridden anti-science polemic reads like something Sarah Palin would have penned. Come to think of it, she recently wrote an article in the Washington Post peddling the same kinds of fringe theories on climate […]

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Now the ball is in Canada’s court

Montreal Gazette, December 11, 2009 Re: “U.S. EPA moves on climate as Congress stalls” (Gazette, Dec. 8) Now that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that greenhouse-gas emissions pose a threat to public health and welfare, will Canada follow suit and harmonize with this policy?

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The elephant in the room

FOCUS September 2009 Re: The elephant in the room, congratulations to Katherine Palmer Gordon for the in-depth article on climate change in August’s Focus.

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Climate change calls for land-use plan rethink

Special to the Times Colonoist, Chris Genovali, July 21, 2009 The spectre of rising sea levels and ecological change from climate disruption show land-use plans for Vancouver Island and the B.C. coast will need to be revisited and recalibrated to account for rapid and unabated climate change.

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