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Enbridge pipeline record not worth the risk

September 10th 2010

Enbridge Northern Gateway is proposing a pipeline and oil tankers through BCSPECIAL TO VANCOUVER PROVINCE

September 10, 2010

With the preliminary hearings having commenced for the federal Joint Review Panel on Enbridge Inc.’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta’s tarsands to the B.C. coast, it would be illustrative to look south of the border.

The company’s operations in the U.S. should be of particular interest to British Columbians in relation to the Northern Gateway project.

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One Response to “Enbridge pipeline record not worth the risk”

  1. Laura Governali says:

    The answer to that is, as we all know, a resounding NO. I actually just moved this past April with my son from the Battle Creek-Marshall Michigan area. The day after the spill, my best friend called me sobbing at 8am. She and her children had been up all night vomiting and with migraines from the overwhelming smell. There were already dead deer in the woods, dead herons, geese, and other water fowl everywhere, and grown men who have spent their lives fishing with their friends and family on the banks of the Kalamazoo stood by the river and cried. When I drove the seventy miles back to the area that Friday to drop my son off to see his dad – which I had a good deal of anxiety about, given the circumstances – I was stunned by not just the condition of the river and its banks, but by the sorrow that permeated the town of Marshall and the city of Battle Creek – and all the surrounding areas. They are still cleaning up the Kalamazoo. We here in the States are praying for the BC coast and all her inhabitants – and I for one would be glad to give a detailed description of the Michigan horror to anyone who supported the proposed pipeline through your beautiful land.

    Love and blessings to all of you there,
    Laura Governali

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