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Smooth Sailing for Oil Tankers?

Oil tanker in BC waters


Christmas Weekend Edition December 24-26, 2010

By Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee

Recently, British Columbia MP (Member of Parliament) Gary Lunn asserted that professionals should be left to decide on oil tanker routes for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project…

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Re: A climate of denial

Focus Magazine, January 2010 Re: A climate of denial (Dec 2009) All the credible evidence vetted in countless scientifically peer-reviewed papers shows the primary cause of climate disruption is anthropogenic. Further, the scientific community agrees that global warming poses severe risks to humanity and requires immediate action to limit carbon emissions.

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Climate change is real and demands a concerted effort

By Chris Genovali, Vancouver Sun, December  22, 2009 Re: The scare tacticians: ‘Scientists’ should face criminal prosecution, Dec. 18 David Warren’s paranoia-ridden anti-science polemic reads like something Sarah Palin would have penned. Come to think of it, she recently wrote an article in the Washington Post peddling the same kinds of fringe theories on climate […]

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Climategate’ a convenient sideshow to real issue

Victoria News, December 18, 2009 Re: Information confirms ‘climategate’ scandal (Letters, Dec. 4) Conspiracy theory prone climate change deniers have seized upon the alleged climategate controversy to demand a “cautious approach” at Copenhagen or even an abandonment of mitigation measures.

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