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Ben Fox

Ben is a multi-disciplinary artist, who creates in paint, film, and photography. His paintings reflect his deep love for the forests, rivers, and coastlines of BC.

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Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl has turned her past expertise in teaching and weaving to wood-turned sculptures. ‘Everyone Waits for the Salmon’ is a heart-wrenching cry to stop the inevitable destruction that a pipeline would bring.

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Murray Phillips

Murray has a strong desire to express the spiritual in his paintings. He transports his studio by canoe, sailboat, or tent trailer where he can spend several months camping and painting.

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Collin Elder

Hoping to evoke a vivid sense of direct experience, Collin paints stories of our reciprocity with the fluid and ever-changing natural landscape

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David McEown

Canadian artist David McEown has used the medium of watercolour for the past twenty-five years to explore and express many of the Earth’s disappearing wilderness areas

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Alison Watt

Alison Watt is a visual artist and writer whose painting and writing are both informed by the natural world. She teaches painting in her studio on Protection Island (BC) and abroad (France).

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Peggy Sowden

Multifaceted Peggy Sowden attended fine art school, worked as a naturalist and a veterinarian, and painted the BC coast for many years; art and nature are interwoven in a lifelong passion.

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