Michael O’Toole

Michael was born in 1963 in Vancouver, BC, and grew up in West Vancouver. He studied architectural design at BCIT and worked doing presentational renderings in Toronto. Back in Vancouver, he became a full-time fine artist in 1992. Michael received signature status through the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2000. He is represented in several galleries across Canada and his work is in countless corporate and private collections around the world. He has been featured in International Artists and Magazin’Art. He has given workshops to artist guilds across Canada and the USA.

Michael paints mostly in acrylic, but also works in watercolour, oil, graphite, and pen and ink. His subjects include landscapes, portraits, marine, architecture, and wildlife. He is currently devoting his time and awareness to the preservation and continuity of the Klemtu people, marine life, and all other creatures (great and small) sheltered under the Great Spirit Bear Rainforest.


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