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Elise Quarmby

Elise has a style that marries timeless, fluid design with progressive ideas. She continues to explore different techniques in painting and jewelry design.

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Susan Ellenton

Susan brings her love of nature, interest in technical innovation, and exploration of deep knowing into her work which is achieving international attention.

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Linda Heslop

The most published caver artist worldwide in the 1990s Linda has since turned her full attention to fine art following her love of West Coast images.

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Gaye Adams

During the three decades of Gaye’s art career, her focus has been painting what delights her most: the effects of atmosphere and light.

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Ben Davidson

Ben is a Haida artist who draws upon his knowledge of traditional Haida design to create innovative and unique pieces that are sought after around the world.

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Harold Allanson

Harold’s paintings are bold, realistic works often expressed in strong colours, revealing water reflections late in the day, early morning sunlight, or deep shadows.

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