Ben Davidson

Ben is a Haida artist who draws upon his knowledge of traditional Haida design to create innovative and unique contemporary pieces that are sought after by discerning collectors around the world.

He specializes in wood but also creates two-dimensional designs. Recently, he has expanded his repertoire to include jewellery and engraving. His work has been included in various multi-artist shows and is currently on display at his gallery, All About U Arts, in Haida Gwaii. His chief’s seat was exhibited in the show Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art and featured in the accompanying book of the same name.

Ben’s dedication to the revival of Haida culture moves beyond the realm of art, as he is one of the original members of Rainbow Creek Dancers, a traditional Haida dance group. In all his work, Ben continually explores the symbiotic relationship between the ceremonial and contemporary roles of Haida art.

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