Unique wildlife photography collection coming this fall

Join Raincoast this fall at the One Shot for Coastal Carnivores photography exhibit.

Raincoast has long recognized the value of photography as a tool to inspire and so we are excited to announce that this fall we’ll be unveiling a unique photographic exhibit – One Shot for Coastal Carnivores. Donated pieces will be auctioned to support efforts to permanently end trophy hunting throughout the Great Bear Rainforest.

We have contributions from a fantastic range of photographers, some of whom have spent their entire lives on the coast of British Columbia, dedicated to telling its stories. Others visit from further afield, inspired by a landscape and wildlife that now represents a rare North American stronghold for an intact suite of large carnivores which still shape the structure and functioning of these coastal ecosystems.

From Victoria to Whistler we have set-up a range of viewings, sponsorship opportunities (PDF) and public events.

Vancouver, 27th and 28th October 10-5pm free public viewings, Karen Cooper gallery, Granville Island. Book a private viewing [icon icon=”external-link”]

Victoria, 15th November – The Science of large carnivore conservation – Nature Talks event in partnership with the Robert Bateman Centre, 6.30-9 pm. $10 – book your place.

Victoria, 16th November – Women in Conservation. An evening to learn from, engage and celebrate women in conservation $25 – book your place.

Some of images in this collection where shot during trips aboard our vessel, the Achiever, and most were taken in the territories of our Coastal First Nations partners; all share a common purpose to help safeguard coastal carnivores. These photographs help to reveal experiences made possible, in part, because Raincoast has already acquired commercial hunting rights in tenures that cover close to 30,000 square kilometers in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Our next goal – securing the Nadeea hunting tenure – is now in reach and we have just three months to raise over $250,000. Pieces will be auctioned online, and prints sold, to help us raise the remaining funds before our purchase agreement expires in late December.

We look forward to seeing you this fall.



One Shot for Coastal Carnivores

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Coastal wolf with a salmon in its month.
Photo by Dene Rossouw.