What next for coastal carnivore conservation?

Events: Tall Tales, Long Lenses with John E. Marriott

The end of grizzly hunting across BC, announced in late 2017, was a seminal conservation win that Raincoast, Coastal First Nations, a variety of organizations and members of the public, including you, worked hard to secure. It is something to celebrate.

With celebration and our next steps in mind we have teamed up with renowned wildlife photographer John E Marriott to present an evening of, Tall Tales, Long Lenses and Wildlife Conservation. In Victoria and Vancouver John will share stories and photography from his latest book – Tall Tales, Long Lenses, My Adventures in Wildlife Photography. Following this I’ll update you on how Raincoast and our Coastal First Nations partners continue our efforts to safeguard coastal carnivores, now that grizzly bears are free from the threat of hunting.

In addition to an opportunity to get your signed copy of John’s latest book, there will be a raffle draw and a chance to contribute to our purchase of the Nadeea hunting tenure that covers some of the most spectacular watersheds in the Great Bear Rainforest.

The end of the grizzly hunt was the result of decades of research, public education, media engagement, campaigning, and outreach events. A permanent solution to safeguarding coastal wolves, black bears, and cougars is now within reach as a result of these efforts and we would like you play a part.

I hope you’ll join us to celebrate this win and learn about the next step in extending similar protections to all coastal carnivores.

For the wolf and the bear.

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Chelsea Greer hanging a wildlife camera.