Clark’s ‘5 Conditions’ Concealed Support For B.C. Oil Projects

This article was published at Huffington Post Canada, February 28, 2017, by Chris Genovali.

To no one’s surprise the provincial government of British Columbia signed off on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil sands pipeline and supertanker project in the Salish Sea.

The announcement confirmed that Premier Christy Clark’s posturing with her “five conditions con” over the past four and a half years has essentially been political Kabuki theatre. The cynical, albeit clever, five conditions con allowed Clark to mask her Liberal government’s support for Trans Mountain via a combination of faux fence-sitting and feel-good “standing up for British Columbians” rhetoric, at least until the federal Liberal government had taken the brunt of the criticism for approving the project.

There is no such thing as world-class oil spill response, prevention and recovery.

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