Oil & Water: waves, wilderness and big oil intersect in GBR

Top Canadian surfer Peter Devries rides the waves of the Great Bear Rainforest to bring attention to the damage that an oil spill could bring to the ecosystem. Photo credit Jeremy Koreski

Surfer Magazine  May 2012

By Chris Darimont

Half asleep, Peter Devries spotted her. She dove beneath Acheiver, pushing ripples across the black water of the still dawn. It sent the normally reserved Canadian surf phenom shouting to wake us. Jolted out of our dream states, we scrambled from our bunks to share in his disbelief. A family of killer whales drew lazy circles around us. In bursts of speed, followed by glide, they churned the water to slap against our steel hull. We stood in silent awe. Then, mere inches off of our port side, a calf turned and raised an eye out of the water. She had requested an audience.

Although Chris and Dan Malloy have explored all the world’s oceans, neither had shared water with killer whales. But on our unconventional surf voyage, this was precisely the experience they sought. So when Captain Brian Falconer quickly raised the anchor so we could keep up with our new friends, we happily forsook the pleasures of surfing to revel in their company and witness the abundance only coastal British Columbia can offer.

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