Raincoast Field Station Bears

As we sit down at the dinner table at the Raincoast Field Station to exchange stories about our day of fieldwork, we look out to notice an uninvited but welcomed guest. On the beach in front of the field station is a beautiful black bear feeding on sedges in the setting sun. Suddenly, we notice a small black cub emerge from behind a log making cute baby bear noises. A second one also pops up and nuzzles its mother’s glossy black fur. Soon Mama and babies are lumbering across logs and playing on the beach. When playtime is done, Mama and cubs retreat into the forest for the night. But before that, the ever-game Doug quietly moves to capture the scene in some lovely photographs. Although we are left speechless as we finish our evening meal, all of us are hoping for a long and healthy future for this little family. On a more practical note, the scientists in us are also wondering if the bears were kind enough to leave behind a little souvenir; perhaps a few strands of hair on one of the logs?

Doug Brown, Jr. photo