Oh, the Dread-less Wind & Rain

Some dread, loathe, eschew rain. Not us.  You see, this is a rainforest.

Last week we had a howling southeast rip through. Good timing. We were starting round twoof our sampling and had only a short boat ride to our nearby site for training. So, we spent only a few short hours in lashing rains.

Lucky for us, Patagonia had kindly just sent us a massive duffel bag full of clothes. We thank this company for truly walking their environmental talk.

A little video (though does not do it justice).

And for the nature nuts, here is a brilliant shot (of Dougs) of some baby Mergansers with their momma

Support our mobile lab, Tracker!

Our new mobile lab will enable the Healthy Waters Program to deliver capacity, learning, and training to watershed-based communities. We need your support to convert the vehicle and equip it with lab instrumentation. This will allow us to deliver insight into pollutants of concern in local watersheds, and contribute to solution-oriented practices that protect and restore fish habitat.

Sam Scott and Peter Ross standing in front of the future mobile lab, which is a grey sprinter van.