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Kosh’s Invade Canada -January 21, 2011

Message in a bottle – Bottle drop simulates oil spill Dec 14 2010

Kill for Cash- Coyotes targeted in Nova Scotia’s “pelt incentive program”  October 14 2010

The death cults among us October 6 2010

Enbridge Northern Gateway not worth the risk Sept 10 2010

“Just say no” to certified organic farmed salmon Aug 24 2010

Vampire Blues: sucking blood from the Earth July 20/2010

Stop the needless killing of BC’s grizzly bears July 7/2010

Would a grizzly bear certify this fishery? June 22/ 2010

The Ethics of Killing Carnivores June 11/10

Law and Disorder: A killer for whales June 7/10

Oilpocalypse has Canada’s attention May 27/10

Chris Genovali is the Executive Director of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.