The Gift of Conservation

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Chris Genovali, Executive Director

Three pillars form the underpinnings of Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s mission: informed advocacy, scientific research, and environmental ethics. Informed advocacy drives all Raincoast’s conservation efforts; it’s a distinctive approach that has earned us a unique niche in the environmental movement. Our advocacy is informed by rigorous scientific research and guided by environmental ethics. This allows us to broaden the knowledge of our fragile coast but also deliver a strong conservation message.

As a long standing supporter of Raincoast, I encourage you to invest in their science and research protecting coastal wildlife in British Columbia. Dr. Bristol Foster, Raincoast Board Member Emeritus and Raincoast Donor

For example, Raincoast is re-defining animal welfare. We believe the philosophical boundaries that have traditionally defined animal welfare should be broadened to include protection of wild species and their habitat. In our view, securing the life requisites for marine and terrestrial wildlife is the quintessential application of animal welfare.

Safeguarding carnivores from the trophy hunt.  Protecting species from the dangers of oil spills. Ensuring animals are not deprived of critical food resources, like spawning salmon. Advocating for strategies that will help wildlife survive in the face of climate change. In our view, these are all animal welfare issues.

Raincoast continues to implement creative strategies and pursue innovative and practical solutions in 2010 and beyond – from science like our Salmon Carnivore research that links salmon abundance with bear health, to acquiring additional guide outfitting territories, to bringing our conservation message to millions through traditional and new media sources.

Your support of Raincoast enables this work. It protects coastal wildlife, it builds science literacy in youth, and it inspires ambassadors and protectors of our precious coast line.

We hope you will consider a donation today to our annual Fall appeal. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or comments at (250) 655-1229 extension 225.


Chris Genovali
Executive Director
Raincoast Conservation Foundation


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Become a Raincoaster

Monthly giving enables you to protect what you love. For 25 years, Raincoast has been furthering biodiversity conservation in BC. We have big plans and with your help we will: 

  • End commercial trophy hunting of large carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest.
  • Acquire land in order to protect threatened Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystems.
  • Support the recovery of endangered Southern Resident killer whales by restoring Chinook salmon habitat, and so much more.
Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation.
Chris Genovali, Executive Director

Protecting biodiversity is the most important gift we can give the next generation. Join us as a Raincoaster today!