Chris Genovali, Executive Director

As Executive Director of Raincoast for over two decades, Chris Genovali leads Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s programs to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. Chris received a Conservation Leadership Award in 2015 from the Wilburforce Foundation.

He is a prolific writer, with articles, op-eds and features on Canadian wildlife, habitat and forest conservation issues widely published in Canada and internationally, including the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Seattle PI and Guardian UK. He was a contributor to Animals and the Environment: Advocacy, activism, and the quest for common ground published in 2015, and Wild Foresting: Practicing Nature’s Wisdom published in 2008. Chris has also appeared as a spokesperson on various radio and television outlets such as CBC’s ‘As It Happens’, CBC ‘Newsworld’, US National Public Radio, Global TV, CTV, CKNW, BBC radio and Public Radio International. 

Chris Genovali on the deck of Achiever

Climategate’ a convenient sideshow to real issue

Victoria News, December 18, 2009 Re: Information confirms ‘climategate’ scandal (Letters, Dec. 4) Conspiracy theory prone climate change deniers have seized upon the alleged climategate controversy to demand a “cautious approach” at Copenhagen or even an abandonment of mitigation measures.

Hopenhagen or Dopenhagen?

by Chris Genovali Dec. 18, 2009 Georgia Strait, Dec 17, 2009 Common Dreams, Dec 15, 2009 In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen, an eclectic group made up primarily of corporations and media outlets put forward the notion of “Hopenhagen.” The following is extracted from their mission…

Oil sands, tankers and climate. Raincoast speaks out

Climate change is real and demands a concerted effort Vancouver Sun Climategate’s a convenient sideshow to the real issue Victoria News Climategate a convenient sideshow Ottawa Citizen Climategate is first in a new wave of attacks The Ecologist Hopenhagen or Dopenhagen? Common Dreams, Georgia Strait, Climate change policy in the dark Toronto Star Now the…

Take the lead: On climate action

By Chris Genovali Calgary Herald, Nov 30, 2009 Re: “Climate plan will take 40 years: Prentice,” Nov. 21. Climate scientist James Hansen of NASA states we have already passed the threshold for “maximum permissible concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

Water diversions will hurt environment

By Chris Genovali, Paul Paquet and Misty MacDuffee Victoria Times Colonist May 3, 2009 The media have recently published many opinion pieces and news articles promoting independent power projects (IPPs) as crucial to solving climate change.

God save thee, albatross

Chris Genovali | Monday Magazine | March 11, 2009 I’m on my back on the aft deck of Raincoast’s research vessel. My repose is involuntary as we ply the lumpy waters of Haida Gwaii’s west coast. Not one prone to sea-sickness, I nevertheless feel like my head is virtually nailed down, a result of the…