Chris Genovali, Executive Director

As Executive Director of Raincoast for over two decades, Chris Genovali leads Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s programs to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. Chris received a Conservation Leadership Award in 2015 from the Wilburforce Foundation.

He is a prolific writer, with articles, op-eds and features on Canadian wildlife, habitat and forest conservation issues widely published in Canada and internationally, including the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Seattle PI and Guardian UK. He was a contributor to Animals and the Environment: Advocacy, activism, and the quest for common ground published in 2015, and Wild Foresting: Practicing Nature’s Wisdom published in 2008. Chris has also appeared as a spokesperson on various radio and television outlets such as CBC’s ‘As It Happens’, CBC ‘Newsworld’, US National Public Radio, Global TV, CTV, CKNW, BBC radio and Public Radio International. 

Chris Genovali on the deck of Achiever

Silent Fall

Monday Magazine The silence along the river was almost deafening. No birds, bears or wolves appeared along the banks. The reason soon became obvious: not a single salmon was to be seen in the glacial-fed water. Not a single salmon carcass lay on the ground, not in the estuary or the forest. There was no…

Great Bear Rainforest wins partial protection

Sixteen years ago, a small team of biologists and explorers traveled north from Vancouver Island. The weeks turned into months as they quietly sailed from river valley to river valley documenting for the first time the full extent of the Great Bear Rainforest. It was a life-changing voyage for those on board, sailing through the…

Grizzly Politics in British Columbia

Raincoast has attained a copy of a soon-to-be published opinion piece that calls for the grizzly bear to be de-listed from the US Endangered Species Act. The opinion piece is scheduled to appear in the next issue of the International Bear Association’s official publication, urging the association’s membership to support the Bush administration’s proposed grizzly…