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Backgrounder: Emergency order under the Species at Risk Act

J16 and J26 on a smokey day in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2018.08.16 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Research by an international team of scientists, including Raincoast staff, showed that a modelled 30 per cent increase in the coast-wide Chinook abundance above the 1979-2008 average could increase southern resident growth rate by as much as 1.9 per cent…

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Feds’ fisheries announcement a welcome first step: groups renew call for killer whale emergency order

Five Southern Resident killer whales swim side by side in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2018.05.24 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders, Conservation update

Conservation groups applaud today’s federal announcement that endangered Southern Resident killer whales face “imminent threats” to their survival and recovery. Prompted by this assessment, the Ministers also announced fisheries closures in key foraging areas …

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Emergency order requested for Southern Resident killer whales: time is running out

A map of the proposed emergency order, with logos of the various orgs involved including Ecojustice and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Published on 2018.01.30 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Raincoast and its partners, represented by Ecojustice, are calling on federal cabinet ministers LeBlanc and McKenna to recommend cabinet issue an emergency order under Canada’s Species at Risk Act…

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Letter: Protection of grizzly bears should be strengthened in the expansion of the Species at Risk Act

A grizzly bear pulls on some brush along the shoreline

Published on 2018.01.23 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Raincoast supports the proposal to list 13 new terrestrial species to Schedule 1 of Canada’s Species at Risk Act. While we are encouraged by this, the focus of this submission is on grizzly bears…

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Federal approval of Kinder Morgan pipeline project unlawful

Published on 2016.12.21 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Ecojustice, Raincoast and Livings Oceans launch lawsuit to protect endangered killer whales from Trans Mountain oil tankers…

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Raincoast reacts to NDP grizzly hunt announcement

A grizzly looks to the left of the image in the coastal rainforest in front of wispy mist.

Published on 2016.11.24 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

The policy of allowing the killing of grizzly bears for sport has no economic, ecological or ethical justification…

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Media release: ‘We’re nowhere near a ‘world class oil spill response’

Published on 2016.10.19 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Fuel spill in Heiltsuk Territory underscores rhetoric in federal and provincial messaging as environmental damage builds in the Great Bear Rainforest…

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Immediate action essential for Southern Resident killer whales

Southern Resident killer whale pokes head above water, displaying a classic spyhop behaviour.

Published on 2016.07.21 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Raincoast releases video to encourage public comments on the killer whale action plan.
Public comment period ends August 14th.

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Court ruling shuts door on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline

Pipeline, above ground, spanning from close-up to the horizon.

Published on 2016.06.30 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

The court confirmed that the federal government’s consultations with First Nations were insufficient. Ecojustice lawyer Barry Robinson, representing Raincoast and Livings Oceans, said his clients are thrilled that the court has quashed Enbridge’s permits.

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Environmental groups launch court challenge over NEB’s Kinder Morgan report

Southern Resident killer whale breaching from the waters of the Salish Sea with mountains in the background.

Published on 2016.06.17 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Ecojustice lawyers, representing Living Oceans and Raincoast, have filed for a judicial review of the NEB’s report that recommended the federal Cabinet approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

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National Energy Board fails killer whales

Three orcas swim in a pod from right to left, showing their dorsal fin.

Published on 2016.05.19 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

The NEB’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s TMX jeopardizes the survival of BC’s endangered southern resident killer whales, increasing the probability that they will ultimately go extinct, asserted Raincoast.

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At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast

A dark morph Northern fulmar flies over the blue gray waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of BC.

Published on 2016.05.09 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast shares the unique story of conservation scientist Dr. Caroline Fox as she sails thousands of kilometers along the BC coast, surveying marine birds.

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